Cressey Sports Performance Coming To The NAC Starting June 15th

We are very excited to announce a strategic partnership with Cressey Sports Performance which will bring CSP to the Nokona Athletic Club starting June 15th!!!
Started in 2006, CSP has become the leader and best in class in Sports Performance. It’s principal partner Eric Cressey is one of the most highly sought after baseball strength and conditioning specialists in the U.S. He’s worked with countless professional athletes, collegiate players, HS players, and athletes of all sports over the years. Eric currently serves as the New York Yankees Director of Player Health and Performance.
CSP currently has two facilities, one in Hudson, MA (Cressey Sports Performance – MA) and one in Palm Beach Gardens, FL (Cressey Sports Performance – Florida). We are thrilled that this has come together and we have the opportunity to partner and bring the CSP expertise to our program and facility!!!

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